A Heart for Africa

In a country where 42.6% of the population is HIV positive, Heart for Africa is making a big impact. Swaziland has close to 200,000 orphans and because of the severe impact AIDS is having on the adults in the country, it is projected that by 2020 there will be no adult population left. Heart for Africa is doing many amazing things to help this struggling nation with their next initiative, Project Canaan. Project Canaan is a 2,500 acre large-scale land development project designed to find a holistic solution to a complex set of issues.

GCHope has been eagerly waiting for the day to partner with Heart for Africa on Project Canaan. We are thrilled to be providing the medical and dental equipment for a clinic that will be built at Project Canaan for the orphans and residents in the nearby villages. This medical facility is intended to provide physical medical treatment but also help to bring hope to this community that has very little left.

There are three aspects to Project Canaan. The first is the expansion of the existing orphanage Heart for Africa currently supports, with the hopes of growing their capacity. Here the children will come to live, grow, and learn how to break the cycle of poverty in their generation. The second focus of Project Canaan will be employment and training opportunities for locals to grow crops on site that can also act as a stimulant for the Swazi economy. And the third is the construction of the clinic that GCHope is sending supplies for.

GCHope is proud to be able to partner and support an organization’s mission that truly is giving men, women, and children hope.



To read more about Heart for Africa, http://www.heartforafrica.org/


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