Going to the East Coast to Aid Superstorm Sandy Victims

Superstorm Sandy was one of the biggest storms to hit the East Coast. There were at least 74 deaths in the East Coast, 69 deaths in the Caribbean; 17 states were affected by the storm; more than 8.5 million people were left without power; an estimated $20 billion in property losses, ranking the storm among the most expensive U.S. disasters.

From seeing the images of the wiped out New Jersey Boardwalk to the collapsed trees on top of homes, and the dangling crane on top of the 74-story high rise building in New York, this was the result of one powerful storm that swept the East Coast. We knew we had to take immediate action. Giving Children Hope’s founder and Chairman of the Board, John Ditty, went to the East Coast with Committed Relief and Calvary Chapel Relief, La Habra to assist the victims of Sandy.

When John and the team arrived in the East Coast, they were greeted with another storm, winter storm Athena, which was much smaller than Sandy. Temperatures were cold and it snowed about six inches but this did not hinder the team from getting to work. Rather, they got busy chopping collapsed trees, repairing dry walls, pulling out wet items and organizing the logistics of container arrivals. Earlier this week, Giving Children Hope shipped out a two containers, one in partnership with Committed Relief going to New Jersey, and the other in partnership with World Vision going to New York. Some of the items that are being sent are: demolition tools, cleaning supplies, blankets, bedding, emergency mats/beds and food.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Giving Children Hope is committed to the long-term recovery efforts of Sandy. If you would like to donate to the victims of Sandy, please go to Superstorm Sandy

Below are the pictures from the trip:

John and the team
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[slickr-flickr tag=”superstorm” items=”60″ type=”gallery”]
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Containers for the victims of Superstorm Sandy
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