The Giving Extravaganza

IMG_5163GCHope distributes donated product on a daily basis, but rarely do we interact with the end user. Day in and day out we work to establish solid relationships with other nonprofits who share our mission in caring for the poor among us. Much of this giving is done through our Giving For Living program, an on-site distribution center that serves over 200 nonprofit partners and schools. On March 21st we were able to make a magical connection – we were able to open up our distribution center to the families we serve through our We’ve Got Your Back program.

We invited all the families in the We’ve Got Your Back program at 44 local schools to participate in our Giving Extravaganza. The lines wove around our facility before the doors opened and we realized just how busy of a day it was going to be. Each family was able to pick 25 items from our Giving For Living program that would be helpful for their family. Many of the children we serve are from multi-family living situations, temporary housing, or motels, so basic home furnishings can, at times, seem like an extravagance. Throughout the day we enjoyed seeing the surprise in parents’ eyes as they were able to select new sheet sets, pillows, salon quality hair product and basic hygiene. The most coveted items that day were vacuum cleaners, trash cans, mops, and microwaves.

GCHope’s Director of Community Programs, Christine Sanchez, said, “It was a great opportunity for us to meet and serve the needs of our WGYB families. We were overwhelmed by grateful moms and dads who were able to make their living space more of a home. It was a joy to have the chance to serve them in this way.”

One family that came to the event said they were in need of blankets because 7 people in the family were sharing the 2 they had. One woman told Christine she was eager to get a new down comforter so that she would have something to sleep on at night.

At GCHope, we are grateful to our corporate donors who make this giving possible. At the end of the day we were able to bless 185 families through our Giving For Living Extravaganza.

For these people we love and care for, this is one more step toward sustainable hope.

The tremendously long line!  IMG_5166

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