Giving Children Hope’s Volunteer Spotlight: Petey Lorey

For more than a year Petey Lorey has dedicated her time and energy to helping Giving Children Hope provide food each week to over 1,200 families in the We’ve Got Your Back program. Volunteering at least twice a week, she always brings with her great conversation, lots of laughter, and if we are lucky, delicious baked goods. She is the kind of person whose heart knows no limits and so it is fitting that she had a shirt that read, “Stop me before I volunteer again.”

Petey enjoys volunteering because it is physical work that keeps her active. But her favorite part about volunteering at GCHope is knowing that she is helping to better someone’s life, helping someone during their time of struggle. She said that one of the reasons that she continues to come as much as she does is because of Angie, the Logistics Coordinator for WGYB; she heard her speak at the WGYB Appreciation Luncheon soon after she started volunteering and that really moved her.

While she comes in every shift ready to help with whichever daily tasks are needed, she also volunteered at Christmas time while we worked to collect gifts for each of the children in WGYB and their siblings. This means, collecting, tagging, and accounting for all gifts that come through our doors and making sure that they go to the correct child they are intended for. While Petey could have made this her two shifts each week, she was actually in daily, helping both with Christmas gifts and the backpacks.

When Petey isn’t volunteering she enjoys walking with her friend, keeping her mind active with reading and puzzles, and cooking. She is described as being outgoing and giving, and the staff at GCHope have been witnesses to both of these qualities. Giving Children Hope is very grateful to have such an amazing person volunteer with us. Thank you Petey for all of your hard work and dedication.




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