Giving Children Hope Visits the Philippines

It was almost three years ago that Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines. It’s 200 mph winds killed more than 6,300 people. A team from Giving Children Hope saw firsthand the destruction that the powerful winds and floods did to communities such as Tacloban and Samar as we visited these villages just days and weeks after the storm passed.
People were still in shock as their decimated communities remained flooded, their tree tops bare and their fishing and farming livelihood gone. During our initial visit, Giving Children Hope made a commitment to our field partners that we would be in this for the long haul.

Since that time, Giving Children Hope has sent 19 40-foot shipping containers full of food, boats and relief items to the storm ravaged areas of the Philippines. This food was the only source of nutrition for many villages. What a joy it was to stand in the gap for them during this season of rebuilding.img_5576

I have to admit that our commitment to the people of the Philippines is more personal than many of our responses. As a kid I spent a half dozen years living in the Philippines, just outside of Manila, as my father was a journalist for Far East Broadcasting Company. The sights, sounds, smells and hospitality of the Filipinos always make it feel like home.

This September I was able to go “home” again, and this time under much better circumstances. With a team from the Adventist church we were able to visit thousands of kids who had been sustained for the past three years with food sent from the Giving Children Hope warehouse in Southern California. We heard story after story of malnourished children who had joined the feeding programs at one of the Adventist churches, schools or hospital, and returned to health after 90 days of consistent nutritional food.


Giving Children Hope remains firm in our commitment to our Filipino neighbors. To this end, Giving Children Hope, in partnership with the Adventist community, has developed an expanded feeding program that will continue to ensure nutritious meals for thousands of children that otherwise wouldn’t receive them. In addition, we are in the process of establishing a network of storage sites for dehydrated food so that when the next typhoon hits, the food necessary for survival will already be in place.

We are so grateful to our network of donors and food partners, such as Feed the Children and Feed My Starving Children, for their generous donations. I look forward to returning “home” again soon and sharing with you the impact we are having together.


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