Giving Back to Nepal

After Ari graduated with a degree in Psychology last year, he wanted to see the world. He set out on a five-month-long journey to volunteer in Nepal and Sri Lanka. He spent 2 months in Kathmandu, Nepal, volunteering his time in a hospital to assist doctors with their daily routine and gaining an invaluable learning experience.

When Ari saw the devastating news of the April 25 earthquake in Nepal, his heart broke for the friends and colleagues he met there. Once he was finally able to get hold of them, he said the doctor he worked with was barely sleeping because he was seeing close to 200 patients a day. The doctor spoke about 14-hour-long surgeries with no breaks and no supplies. Ari had to do something to help. He decided that instead of fundraising, he would collect medical supplies to give to those in need in Nepal. Ari collected supplies from all over Southern California and is grateful to all the companies that were willing to donate, including Glendale Memorial Hospital and Pacific Shores Medical Group.

To Ari’s surprise, collecting medical supplies wasn’t the most difficult part of this project; finding an organization that would accept his donation proved difficult. Unfortunately, many disaster relief nonprofits were only accepting monetary donations. After calling 40 different organizations, Ari finally found Giving Children Hope.

Ari shared that when he went to Nepal, his intentions were to support the doctors and give back to the people. Instead it felt like he was the recipient of so much kindness and warmth from the Nepalese people. Spending hours making calls, collecting medical supplies for three weeks, renting a truck to transport it all, and donating it to Giving Children Hope was the best way he could support those who had done so much for him. Thank you, Ari, for your incredible efforts and example of what one person can do to make a difference in the world.

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