Gifts That Tackle Child Hunger

20170418_084727Last year, Lupe – a wife, mom, and long time supporter of Giving Children Hope – decided to devote her birthday to our Tackling Child Hunger campaign. In lieu of birthday gifts, she requested that her family and friends donate food to our annual food drive. She states, “it was perfect timing – my birthday month fell right during Tackling Child Hunger.” This year, she’s at it again.

Lupe first became involved with Giving Children Hope after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, which also happened to be right around the time of her daughter’s 5th birthday. Instead of gifts, she and her family asked for monetary donations to help Giving Children Hope’s relief efforts in Haiti. In the end, they collected over $100, which their 5-year-old daughter proudly handed over to our team.

Seven years later and Lupe continues to be a huge part of the Giving Children Hope family, hosting food drives, volunteer events, and giving campaigns. To Lupe, “the idea of helping becomes more real when [she acts] upon it.” And, in turn, giving back has become “more of a habit… more of a normality” for her and her family. Thank you, Lupe, for your passion to serve. We are so proud to tackle child hunger alongside you and your family.

April is not yet over! To find out how you can tackle child hunger, please visit