The Gift of Hope

We believe the gift of hope isn’t something that should be delivered only once a year.


To Jasmine, hope looked like a weekly backpack full of nutritious food. When Jasmine was in the third grade, her father worked hard as a gardener but struggled to find a more stable job, ultimately leaving her family with barely enough money for food. Giving Children Hope supported Jasmine’s family through We’ve Got Your Back, with each backpack of food serving as a symbol of hope for a better future. For Jasmine and her siblings, having enough to eat meant better learning and more opportunities for Jasmine to further her education. This past year, Jasmine graduated from high school with a 4.6 GPA and a full scholarship to California State University, Fullerton’s College of Business & Economics program. Just a few weeks ago, Jasmine returned to Giving Children Hope with some college classmates to volunteer distributing food and shared with us, “Thank you. Because of Giving Children Hope, my family was able to save money and get back on our feet.”

In 2017, Giving Children Hope served 15.3 tons of nutritious food every week to over 1,200 local vulnerable families in our We’ve Got Your Back program. In the last 4 months, Giving Children Hope has provided over 100,000 pounds of relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and the central Mexico earthquake. In addition, Giving Children Hope continues to provide ongoing resources to Syrian refugees, victims of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis, clinics in Malawi, and communities in the Philippines and El Salvador.

Will you join us to deliver hope all year long to vulnerable children and families, just like to Jasmine, across the street and around the world?

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