GCHope’s Ebola Response Update

Since August 2014, GCHope has prayerfully and strategically worked to support those treating Ebola patients in Liberia. The virus has tragically taken over 6,000 lives, with 10% of those deaths being health care providers that contracted the virus while treating those with Ebola. Thus far GCHope’s response team has partnered with two incredible nonprofit partners, Kids Around the World and Africa Mercy Partners, to get two 40-foot containers with sanitation and other medical supplies to those in need. One container arrived weeks ago in Monrovia, Liberia and has been delivered to a clinic in desperate need of supplies. The second container will be arriving in Monrovia on January 10th.

The supplies that arrived in Liberia went to a clinic in Paynesville, a Monrovia suburb where Dr. Martha Zarway runs a clinic. The clinic treats all different illnesses and conditions from diabetes to pregnancy. The clinic staff has taken extra measures to ask patients if they have come in contact with anyone who has Ebola, especially since one of their staff passed away recently without a diagnosis. Zarway described one major difference between living through the Liberian civil war and the Ebola outbreak. “During the war, we could hug each other and give some comfort,” she says. “But now, with Ebola, you have to be careful. You have to stay distance apart.”

GCHope’s future plans include sending two more containers of supplies with another partner, Containers of Hope. Containers of Hope is a Brea-based non profit that serves people in Liberia by “providing love, clothing, school supplies and hope in Jesus through the gift of His word (a bible).” These containers will include items such as food, clothes, medical supplies, and school supplies. The supplies will be distributed throughout the county of Bonga and to multiple orphanages in Monrovia, Liberia.

“The virus is still a very serious challenge for Liberia. The death rate keeps going up by the day. I do personally think the worst is still to come before the virus is brought under control. I don’t pray for the worst but many people are still living and behaving as if the virus is not real. And yet, they see the reality on the news daily,” said John, the Containers of Hope field representative.

“Pray for the safety of the people of Liberia. Pray for our partners and friends serving these people. For a clear path to get these supplies to those in need and may it bless them,” said Todd Williams, Containers of Hope Chairman.

Please consider donating to GCHope’s Ebola response. Every penny makes a difference!

Dr. Zarway happy to receive all the new supplies from GCHope.


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