GCHope Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

There is a lot happening at GCHope! We want to lay some prayer requests before you and ask that you lift us up in prayer.

TRAVEL – Founder and Chairman of the Board John Ditty and Logistics Coordinator Janet Valencia are traveling to Jordan and Lebanon. Please pray for:

  • Safety and health in their travels.
  • Wisdom in assessing GCHope’s role in continuing to help Syrian refugees.
  • The refugees that they will be working and meeting with as they travel through the regions.

Warehouse Manager Marius Marza will also be traveling this month; he will be traveling to his home country of Romania with Women for World Health. Lift up their team in prayer for:

  • Safety and health in their travels.
  • The medical work that this team will be doing throughout Romania.

WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK – We have an urgent need for food to finish out the school year and keep distribution going throughout the summer. Please pray for donations, as well as the funding needed to sustain the program.

HOPE 20/20 – Our 20th anniversary celebration is going strong. Please pray for the existing communities of Uganda, familes in the Middle East, Romania, Fullerton, Syrian refugees, Military families, and Belize, as well as all the communities we will be serving in the near future.

MEDICAL CLINIC – The Buena Park Community Clinic is expanding! Please pray that the necessary funds and labor needed to complete this project will be provided.

FAMILIES – Two of our staff members have babies on the way — Communications Coordinator Cathy Baek and her husband are expecting a baby in June, and Development Coordinator Drew Bryson and his wife are expecting a baby in August. Please pray for the health of both mothers and children.

GIVING CHILDREN HOPE – Please pray for the funds, product, and other resources we need to keep GCHope moving forward. Pray that the necessary partners, donors, and funders are brought to us and that we can wisely and efficiently make connections and use these resources to sustain our mission.

Thank you for your prayers.


Giving Children Hope Staff

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