Financial Literacy Graduation

A group of 13 outstanding We’ve Got Your Back mothers proudly graduated from Giving Children Hope’s financial literacy course last week. The course, funded by US Bank and executed in partnership with The Raise Foundation, dissected spending habits, budgets, and financial goals. Christine Sanchez said she loved seeing ambition sparked in these women. They are making financial goals to work towards, some for the first time in their lives. A graduate of the class explained, “At first I didn’t really want to take the class. I just caved in so that they would stop asking me. But now, I’m so grateful that they pushed me to grow. I’ve learned so much.”

We are thrilled to share with you that the impact in these women’s lives is just beginning. These same women are enrolled in a 32-week institute this fall with our nonprofit partner, My Safe Harbor. This program focuses on breaking cycles and the development of personal change and includes topics like unleashing your potential, unleashing your child’s potential, effective parenting, and being a lifelong learner.

Thank you for supporting the incredible strides these women are taking to strengthen their families and better the lives of their children. Thank you US Bank for providing a grant for the financial literacy course. Collaborations change lives. No one entity can impact the dynamic of poverty alone. It’s because of partners like you, that we are serving vulnerable children across the street and around the world.20160506_130004