February’s Volunteer of the Month

Early in the morning, when everyone in our upstairs offices are struggling to find motivation, there is one person who always brightens our day with a simple, cheerful “good morning.” Megan is a former Board Member, current volunteer, and a fan of TV show Friends who describes herself as “a simple girl who loves the Lord, loves people and loves being able to do whatever [she] can to encourage others.” To us, she is all that and more. Megan first heard about us at a community event back in 2011. Hearing about the many children in need within our own community, she knew she had to take action. In a matter of a few years, she transitioned from an individual donor to a corporate partner (on behalf of Los Cerritos Center) to a Board Member. In April, she will be relocating to Salt Lake City after she marries the man of her dreams. Amidst all these changes, she felt God putting Giving Children Hope on her heart, which motivated her to volunteer regularly as our consultant in all marketing and program matters.

Interestingly enough, Megan’s favorite part about volunteering at Giving Children Hope is that she doesn’t get paid. She loves being able to serve without expecting anything in return. And she encourages those who are thinking about volunteering at Giving Children Hope to just “do it. You will never be sorry. No matter what area you serve in, even if it seems like a menial or small task, it will ultimately bless someone in need whether across the street or around the world. There is nothing more powerful than being able to give someone hope.” Megan has made an undoubtedly significant impact during her time here. We will definitely miss her when she leaves, and we wish her a future that is as wonderful as her!

Megan is a world changer, and you can be too! If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Giving Children Hope, please contact SueLynn at [email protected]

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