Fall Newsletter 2015

Giving Children Hope Sends Relief Team to Nepal


Six months after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, much of the country remains in a state of turmoil. According to the New York Times, “aid is flowing into the capital city of Kathmandu, but hard-hit remote villages remain unserved.” Relief efforts have also been hindered by the Nepali government imposing customs regulations that make sending relief shipments almost impossible.

With continued requests for aid being made from our partners in Nepal, a team from Giving Children Hope recently traveled to Nepal where they purchased critical relief supplies in Kathmandu and personally delivered them to a previously unserved remote village, Mahadev Kharka.

Upcoming Events2With a population of 100 people, Mahadev Kharka is a mountain village on the outskirts of the Nuwakot district of Nepal (about five hours from Kathmandu). Many of the homes in the village were built 100 years ago and were unfortunately crushed in April’s earthquake. It’s obvious to see how the villagers care for each other like family, engineering makeshift homes out of whatever they could find. One village member explained that with their homes destroyed, the people’s main concern is remaining warm through a cold winter. Another concern was that monsoon rains bring increased insects, meaning an increased risk of contraction of dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus, which are all transmitted through insect bites.

With the help of our disaster relief donors, Giving Children Hope was able to help find solutions to Mahadev Kharka’s life-threatening problems. After arriving in Nepal, the relief team purchased sleeping bags to keep the children and their parents warm this winter. They were also able to buy mosquito sleeping nets, giving many of the mothers peace of mind knowing their children would sleep safely. Giving Children Hope also provided a solar panel system for the village that was installed before they left. The villagers were overjoyed at the idea of consistent electricity for their communal kitchen and meeting area. It was a day of celebration in the village to be freely provided such needed items.

Thank you for partnering with Giving Children Hope on this journey to recovery for Nepal. It’s incredible to see the transformation of this village because of the love you have poured out for those in need across the street and around the world.

IMG_8406Volunteer Highlight

“Giving Children Hope is a warm, extraordinary place to volunteer. The staff at Giving Children Hope are welcoming and thankful for all that come in to volunteer, from the retired person that gives a few hours every week, to the large groups from local businesses that want to give back to their communities. I was asked once what I liked best about volunteering at Giving Children Hope. The answer would be ‘the people.’ After working for over 30 years, retirement is nice, but you miss the people interface you had. At Giving Children Hope, I have the chance to help a fantastic team of staff members and a wide-ranging army of volunteers. I have worked shoulder to shoulder with people from department stores, banks, investment firms, Girl Scout troops and students volunteering for credit for college applications. Giving Children Hope has become my second home, a welcoming door, where I can help my community while I get the opportunity to meet people and hopefully brighten their day with a smile or kind word.” -Barbara Sheridan, Volunteer Leader and November Volunteer of the Month

New School Year for WGYB

2015 launches the 10th year of providing a stable source of food for homeless families in OC public schools. Our first year we started the We’ve Got Your Back program with 30 children in 6 public schools. This year we are prepared to serve over 3,000 children in 61 schools in Orange and LA counties. The phenomenal impact of the program would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers and donors who generously give of their time to fill each bag with nutritious meals. With the schools at the front-line of selecting the children who are lacking basic nutrition, we continue to partner with local nonprofits to focus on the needs that will help our families graduate from WGYB and no longer need our support. With Christmas approaching, Wish Lists have begun to flood in from the children. Each child receives a Wish List to fill in their most desired gifts under $25. We then give individuals the opportunity to adopt a wish list and pick out a gift for a child in need. Eight-year-old Matthew’s number one wish was a jacket, Andrew wants an umbrella, and 10-year-old Blanca wants a new backpack for school. Through the voices in the Wish Lists we receive, we fall deeper in love with the children we serve.

We still have 800 Wish Lists available to be sponsored. If you are interested in sponsoring a Wish List or hosting a Toy Drive please contact Drew at [email protected] or call 714-523-4454.

Gala, Founder’s Awardsmall version

This year’s Founder’s Award was given to our long-time partner, Gary Stanhiser, who has given his life to serving those both locally and internationally.

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