Dockers and Giving Children Hope

Esquivel and Giving Children Hope Team Up with support from Dockers

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The road to success isn’t always paved with gold. Sometimes, our beginnings are humble and far removed from our goals. Challenges are twice as tough and the vision of a bright future can seem no more than escapism. Apparel brand Dockers knows this, and has taken the initiative to introduce a unique group of #DockersChallengers to the world. Dockers defines Challengers as a selection of entrepreneurs and visionaries who have created their own destiny in the face of hardships. The #DockersChallengers are the ones whose entrepreneurial spirit takes them one step further, with a mindset that leads them to do something bold against the existing conventions. They don’t give up, are always ready and prepared for whatever may come, challenge the status quo and want to create a positive impact.

This Fall, the Dockers® brand is integrating its #DockersChallengers initiative at the Forbes’ Under 30 European Summit, taking place 1-4 December 2019 in Berlin. Through a unique collaboration with Forbes at its Under 30 European Summit, Dockers® will search for the best candidate to integrate into its next #DockersChallengers edition, which supports self-starters making game-changing impacts across the world, embodying what it means to change the world without a suit, just like George Esquivel; the latest addition to the program.


George was born in Southern California, where he endured a conflictive upbringing. Despite difficult circumstances, Esquivel maintained an entrepreneurial mindset and created his own business as a successful shoe designer.

George’s Challenger mindset was soon acknowledged by the industry. He won the support of the Vogue Fashion Fund and has worked with some of the world’s best fashion brands, becoming a household name.

Recently, George set himself another challenge by launching The X collection — an exclusive line of tote bags and accessories in which proceeds are given to Giving Children Hope. The organization offers aid and support to Californian kids living in underserved areas. As part of the campaign, Dockers® is donating to the cause.

This December, Dockers® is searching for a new challenger at the Forbes Under 30 European Summit to support and give visibility to the project. The summit brings together more than 1,000 of the region’s most influential, young business leaders and changemakers to learn, network and collaborate: the breeding grounds for a #DockersChallengers. Through this sponsorship, Dockers® promotes its message to the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow: that to pursue their goals and create social and business impact, they no longer need a suit. The Forbes Under 30 Summit Europe will convene European list makers from its 30 Under 30 lists from various fields such as technology, science & healthcare, arts, and media.


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