Core Values


Value individuals and ethnic groups free from prejudice; foster a climate where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic; respect different views on spirituality or denominational background while upholding our Christian commitment.


Experiment, take realistic chances, try new ways, learn from mistakes, and be open to change in our operations, identify new opportunities.


Propose ideas, initiate dialogue with others, develop trust, and act openly, honestly and with integrity; communicate all partner needs with dignity, and be clear and concise.


Be held responsible in a transparent manner to all of our stakeholders, which include: each other, our board, our partner organizations, those in field offices, our donors, foundations, corporations, our community, and religious organizations; seek accountability and a willingness to learn.


Seek to engage in projects that address the pressing needs in community development, while also providing a plan for sustainability.


Be mindful of the impact that our work has on the environment, and recycle medical supplies and equipment to parts of the world without access to healthcare.


Be prayerful in all decisions and seek guidance for the programs and projects we undertake, enabling the organization to be faithful administrators of the work that our Creator is doing both locally and globally.


We strive to listen to our donors and match them with projects that interest them, listen to each other to gather new ideas, listen to outside sources to stay updated on new technologies, and most of all, to listen to our partners and serve their needs in the best way possible.


Seek to not take ourselves too seriously, knowing that we can accomplish nothing that is not the will of the Father; laugh whenever possible knowing that the circumstances of those we serve can and do make us cry, knowing that if we can intersperse laughter into our work, we will better be able to come alongside those walking with a heavy burden.

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