Coming Home

Every night, high school student Cloudy meets his mom at the bus stop to walk her home after work. Cloudy is a hard-working basketball player with a 3.0 GPA, and has earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA and Cerritos College. Christine, Cloudy’s proud mother, has gone through a lot and at one point the two of them found themselves homeless. GCHope is so thankful for partner organizations like Mercy House and Coast to Coast Foundation that have done so much to get this amazing family back on their feet. Christine and Cloudy have graduated from the Mercy House program and were finally able save enough money to get their own apartment. Christine takes multiple buses everyday to her job in LA and Cloudy, while still in school, works at Sport Chalet.

When Christine and Cloudy found out they were getting their own apartment they realized that furnishing it would be another huge feat for them. GCHope was thrilled when Coast to Coast Founder Marie Avena called to see if there was anything we could do to help. GCHope coincidentally had received a truckload of donated furniture just a week before getting this call. We couldn’t believe how perfect the timing was.

GCHope was able to grant Christine and Cloudy $1,900 worth of furniture for their new home. They even got to come to our facility to personally pick out what they wanted. We are so grateful to Coast to Coast Foundation and Mercy House for letting us be a part of Christine and Cloudy’s success story.


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