Christmas from GCHope

It has been a very Merry Christmas at Giving Children Hope this year. Thanks to all our toy donors and the Fullerton Toy Collaborative, we were able to give out more than 4,000 toys!! GCHope delivered presents to thirty-eight schools that have students enrolled in our WGYB program who might otherwise not receive a present this year. At six of the schools, GCHope held present distribution parties for the kids and their families. GCHope staff felt truly blessed to explain to each child that a generous donor loved them so much that they bought them a gift for Christmas.

One lucky boy, Michael, had a donor who went a little Christmas crazy and purchased a bike. Donors were asked to stay within the $25-30 range to be fair for each child, but this donor said he couldn’t help himself. After all the presents had been given out Michael sat itching in his chair, wondering where his gift was. When we announced that the beautiful bike on the stage was for him, a huge grin spread onto his face. He immediately went to the bike and began telling GCHope staff that he never had a bike before and where he was going to ride it. The mother was shyly hovering in the background tearing up because of this tremendous gift to her family. She is a single mom struggling to afford a one-room apartment for her two sons, so this bike means the world to all of them.

“It was overwhelming to see the reach of the impact we were able to make this year,” said Christine Sanchez, Director of Community Programs. “We are so grateful and feel blessed to do what we do at Giving Children Hope.”

Thank you to all who donated, wrapped, or prayed for the vulnerable children and families we are serving.













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