Christ Transformation Mission

Dr. Nam is a valued long-time partner of Giving Children Hope who happens to have a local dental practice. Dr. Nam has been completing medical and dental missionary work overseas for 20 years and will soon be sending a container of supplies to the Cambodian city of Chuk. Chuk is located 3 hours from Penom Pen and is a rural town known for its widespread rice patties.

Giving Children Hope will be sending an abundance of supplies in the container headed for the city of Chuk. All supplies will go to a ministry called Christ Transformation Mission, who will be building the clinic and incorporating all of the equipment.

Dr. Nam’s initial trip to the city of Chuk will be in November to oversee the distribution of supplies. He will then make a second trip in June of 2016 for the clinic’s grand opening with another team of missionaries. Countries abroad are blessed to have people like Dr. Nam, who also spends time during his missionary trips to train and share his knowledge of the latest medical and dental practices with other doctors.

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