Celebrating 25 years of Across the Street & Around the World

What started in 1993 with the adoption of a child in Eastern Europe has grown into the Giving Children Hope that now serves thousands of children and families across the street and around the world every week. This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Giving Children Hope was founded as Global Operations and Development by John Ditty and Juliana Reasor, with just a handful of church volunteers dedicated to sending medical supplies to communities in Eastern Europe. Now, our 43,000 square foot warehouse is filled daily with the bustling of forklifts, staff, and volunteers, working hard to provide vulnerable children and families with food, basic needs, and medical supplies. As an organization, we are dedicated to walking with families in need and helping them write a better ending to their story.


As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we can’t let this moment pass without thanking you. Your support has been instrumental to our mission and has brought hope to so many families across the street and around the world. Across the street, 1,000 families living in poverty continue to receive a weekly backpack of food so that hunger does not have to be an impediment to learning.

Around the world, communities affected by disasters or crises, such as Hurricane Harvey, the Syrian war, or the Venezuelan crisis, are able to receive life-sustaining relief supplies.


Join us as we continue to deliver hope across the street and around the world for the next 25 years! To learn more about our 25th-anniversary celebration, you can visit www.givingchildrenhope.org/gala.

If you would like to make a donation to Giving Children Hope, please visit www.givingchildrenhope.org/donate.


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