Lost. Homeless. Depleted. Meaningless.

These words offer a description of the experience of millions of people around the world. Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, whose identities have been stripped and transformed into statistics that at our most calloused we easily scroll past. They have lost their families, homes, and their jobs, because of imminent and life-threatening dangers. They […]

Point-In-Time Count Reveals increase in Homelessness

  Every other year Orange County surveys the number of homeless individuals residing within its borders. This year’s recently released Point in Time count revealed that there are 6,870 homeless individuals across the county. This represents a 43% increase from the previous survey released in 2017. This number includes 466 families, with 966 children living in temporary shelters […]

A Walk towards Hope

As the father of three teenage sons most conversations at my house these days begin with “Dad, I need…” followed by an urgent request that is almost always a “want” and rarely a “need”. I recently returned from the Venezuelan border where I spent the week with the “caminantes”, or walkers, whom the entirety of […]

Celebrating 25 years of Across the Street & Around the World

What started in 1993 with the adoption of a child in Eastern Europe has grown into the Giving Children Hope that now serves thousands of children and families across the street and around the world every week. This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us. Giving Children Hope […]

Home Sweet Home

Every week Giving Children Hope’s We’ve Got Your Back program serves over 1,000 families throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties with weekly backpacks full of food. Many of our families go “home” to motel rooms, cold garages, and shared single-family apartment units. For one WGYB family, their home was a car. For over a year, […]

Venezuela Crisis Relief

Written By: Sean Lawrence, Giving Children Hope’s Executive Director — Nothing about Giselle’s appearance gave a clue about the life-altering crisis she was facing. With her sunglasses resting on her head, a sweatshirt wrapped around her hips, and carrying an average sized backpack, she looked as if she was heading on a day trip to […]