Hope For The Holidays

“We don’t like to wait around for someone else to do the work. We are going to find a way to get it done.” – Giving Children Hope Staff Member. Thanks to Giving Children Hope, thousands of children had something to smile about on Christmas morning. Despite limitations with no volunteers, all of our staff […]

Giving Children Hope Partners With Vans

Giving Children Hope is grateful for the opportunity to continue our partnership with Vans to ensure our kids start off the new year with confidence and style. This Christmas, Vans partnered with Giving Children Hope to make our children’s Christmas dreams come true. With our families experiencing extreme poverty, it’s crucial we remove the barriers […]

Giving Children Hope Partners with Navajo Nation

Giving Children Hope is working with our partners in the Navajo Nation to respond to COVID-19. Check out these articles which detail the difficult circumstances Navajo people are facing as a result of this virus. “One-third of the homes across the vast, dry reservation don’t have running water, forcing families to haul it in. Many […]

A Walk towards Hope

As the father of three teenage sons most conversations at my house these days begin with “Dad, I need…” followed by an urgent request that is almost always a “want” and rarely a “need”. I recently returned from the Venezuelan border where I spent the week with the “caminantes”, or walkers, whom the entirety of […]

Los Angeles County Fire Explorers Demonstrate Dedication and Commitment to GCH

Giving Children Hope has been blessed numerous times by LA County Fire Explorers through the hours, dedication, and hard work they have provided us. Post 13 Explorers have continuously shown themselves to be an exemplary group of young individuals who are dedicated to not only becoming the best versions of themselves while exploring the life […]