Bringing our Best for the Philippines

GCHope staff was touched by a story Sean Lawrence, GCHope’s Executive Director, told us last week. Sean called a meeting to discuss the latest news from our partners in the Philippines and our disaster response plans. He began by sharing how the night before he had gone running and started to pray for the Philippines. He prayed that GCHope would find the opportunities to best support and supply these suffering people. It then hit him that instead of praying for GCHope, he should be praying for the people of the Philippines. He said he realized his heart had not yet been broken for the 11 million people who have been affected by this disaster. He was so caught up in the planning that disaster relief entails, that he hadn’t taken the time to think about the people who are starving while they mourn their loved ones.

Sean returned from his run to find his wife, Crystal, and their three sons sitting at the computer reading about what had happened in the Philippines. Sean told them that GCHope is helping these people by sending medical supplies, food, water filters, and many other disaster relief supplies. Sean’s boys were so struck by the event that they went to their rooms and each came back with their favorite pair of shoes. Sean asked them what they were doing and they replied that they were giving them to kids in the Philippines. When he suggested giving another pair instead of their favorites, one of them replied, “No, we want to give them our favorite pair because if this were me, I would want to know that someone gave me their best pair of shoes to help.”

The youngest, Luke, who is 5 years old, told his dad he had finally decided what to do with his $10 from his birthday gift. He had been saving the money for the perfect opportunity and he said he’d found it. Although GCHope can’t fulfill Luke’s request to use his money to buy candy for the Filipino children, Sean promised to use it to get them clean water, a full stomach, and the help they need.

Luke and the other boys reminded us that if it were us in the position that many Filipino people are in right now, we would want to know people were doing their best to help. As a member of the GCHope staff, I will vouch to say that we are bringing our best. We are responding to these people with urgency and support just as a family would, because in God’s eyes we are all brothers and sisters. Let’s bring our best.

Luke and Reagan Lawrence


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