GCHope’s Hidden Treasure

Giving Children Hope is filled with hidden treasures and Bob Brauchler is definitely one of them. Bob’s expertise and value to our organization is hardly given enough recognition. Many people know that GCHope sends medical supplies all over the world, but what you might not know is that we have someone here who meticulously picks out each surgical tool we send based on the procedures that will be done most often in the facility it is going to. On average, GCHope sends 21 containers of medical supplies internationally and supplies nearly 72 medical mission trips per year that are going to serve people freely in poverty-stricken countries.

Bob has been in the medical field since 1965, working as an Operating Room Technician, Surgical Nurse, Infection Control and Environmental Health Specialist and acting as a Surgery Center Administrator and Director of Nursing. With a resume like his, GCHope is truly blessed to have his expertise available to help us serve vulnerable children and families domestically and internationally.

One of Bob’s favorite things to do is meet with the surgeons or doctors we are supplying. Whether they are based in another country or just going on a short term medical mission trip, this helps him to know specifically how GCHope can provide the best tools to help them do what they do better. When he is given the opportunity to speak with those performing the surgeries, he is able to then make surgical trays with all the instruments needed for that procedure, which can then be used for years to come. These doctors have very limited resources and often don’t have the equipment to perform what might be considered “minor procedures” in the U.S., so having a tray with all the tools needed for each procedure is a big deal. Bob says, “When these surgeons or doctors walk into our warehouse full of medical supplies they are like a kid in a candy shop, picking out all the tools they could save more lives with.”

Bob also has a ministry of his own, which takes an annual medical mission trip to Vietnam. Bob heads a group of 100 medical professionals on a trip that will treat up to 4,000 patients for free over ten days. We we don’t need to specify who gives the medical supplies for the trip (GCHope). When the ten days are finished the group leaves all the medical equipment they brought at the facilities that housed the treatments, leaving the hospitals and thousands of people in better condition than before.

Needless to say, Bob Brauchler is a instrumental (pun intended) member of GCHope and we couldn’t do the things we do without him. We will be eternally grateful.


 Bob standing next to many of the surgical instruments GCHope sends all over the world.


This is what an example of a dental procedure tray would look like that GCHope might send. IMG_4964

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