Bibi’s Story

Two years ago, Bibi, a mother of three, realized that Kabul, Afghanistan was no longer a safe place. Her family became unwelcome in their own country because her husband, a well educated surgeon, took a job with the US military during the war. Taliban supporters started sending letters that they were going to abduct her children. As the threats grew more real, her worst nightmare became a reality when her two year-old son was almost taken from them and her husband was shot. Thankfully both her son and husband survived and are healthy today, having fled their home country and now living as refugees in America. Living in Orange County, she describes, is very different. Her husband’s degrees do not hold the same value in America as they did in Afghanistan so he is making $300 a week in retail, unable to even cover the cost of their rent. Bibi was a lawyer in her home country, so it’s been frustrating for the both of them to struggle to make a living here. Thanks to our partnership with World Relief, through Giving Children Hope’s Giving For Living program we were able to provide Bibi’s family with bedding, clothing, hygiene items, and other housewares so these parents can sleep soundly at night knowing that the needs of their children are being met.

(For her protection Bibi is not pictured)

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