Alicia Smith Receives Hope

Alicia Smith and her son, Niko, were living on the street until they found H.I.S House, a homeless intervention shelter. H.I.S House helps people who are motivated to be self-sufficient. Ten months later, Alicia is graduating from the program an accomplished woman. She got her beautician’s license and earned a full-time position at a local salon!

Alicia’s story is not only a success story for the organization, H.I.S House, but an inspiration for so many other people in her shoes as well. “Our goal for all of our residents is to have the success she has fought for,” Marie Puche, H.I.S House Case Manager, shared.

While she was trying to get back on her feet at H.I.S House Alicia was able to save up towards renting an apartment. It was a difficult process finding a landlord to accept her low credit score but she didn’t give up hope. Two weeks ago Alicia received the good news that she would be getting her very own apartment!

Last week, Alicia came into Giving for Living feeling giddy to make her apartment a home for her and her son. Giving Children Hope gave her a crockpot, new bedding, a rice maker, and other essentials to set up her new home. Congrats Alicia!