Aid for Syrian Refugees

Carolyn Goldman remembers watching the news coverage of Syrian children dying while making the journey to Greece and thinking, “There has to be something I can do for Syrian refugees.” She immediately started researching organizations that are working with Syrian refugees and found that Giving Children Hope was the only one that would accept physical donations rather than just financial donations. Carolyn had the brilliant idea of creating an online Amazon wish list with children’s winter clothing. She sent it out to her friends in her preschool association to give them the opportunity to purchase items on the wish list if they wanted. The response was incredible. Giving Children Hope started receiving items one by one, until one day, we had an entire pallet of clothing for Syrian refugee children in need.

On November 11, these items generously given by Carolyn’s community were loaded onto a 40-foot shipping container along with other basic need items such as bedding, sleeping cots, and hygiene products. We are inspired by this one individual’s conviction to do something for children in need of our support right now. Thank you Carolyn!

If you would like to get involved, like Carolyn to make a difference for Syrian refugees contact Mikaela [email protected] or donate here.

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