A Heroic Mom

Those that sponsor a wish list through Giving Children Hope are asked to spend up to $25 on each child, but there are a few donors that go far beyond to make a child feel special. For some of the children in WGYB, this is the only gift they receive for the year. It breaks our hearts to read the wish lists that ask for warm socks or a new jacket. Giving Children Hope staff is amazed by the generosity of others this time of year. We feel honored to have the unique position to witness God’s love being poured out on these children. Thanks to a few kind donors, on Christmas Eve, we delivered three very surprised children a beautiful new bike for Christmas.

IMG_2567Upon arrival at one of the homes, the boy receiving the bike wasn’t there. We felt disappointed to not witness his reaction but it gave us the opportunity to do so much more. Because her son wasn’t there, the mother felt at ease enough to share what this bike means to her. She bravely told us she worked three jobs this year to make ends meet for her kids. She said she could never afford to do something like this for her son, and hugged and thanked us with tears in her eyes. I’m so grateful her son wasn’t there at that moment because this incredible mom got to watch her son wake up on Christmas and look to her as the hero she truly is. That’s a memory and a feeling that we at Giving Children Hope want for every family we serve. Though they are living through difficult situations, their dignity and their souls matter. Thank you for helping us love them.

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