A Drive Towards Hope

Giving Children Hope delivers 30,000 pounds of food to 3,600 children and parents on a weekly basis throughout Southern California.

Thanks to the generosity of Golden State Foods Foundation, The Henry L Guenther Foundation, and the Johnny Carson Foundation, Giving Children Hope is able to continue to deliver 30,000 pounds of nutritious food on a weekly basis to 3,600 vulnerable children and families throughout Southern California. 

Because healthy food is expensive, when times are tight, the first items to be eliminated from a family’s grocery list are inevitably the most nutritious. Out of necessity, pasta, macaroni and cheese boxes, and canned soups are chosen over fresh apples, chicken breast, and milk.  As a result, many lower-income families experience nutrition-related health problems.

“At the end of 2020, we received notice that two of our distribution trucks were going to expire due to CA regulations. We knew we couldn’t miss a delivery of food to the most vulnerable in our community. It’s the mission of the We’ve Got Your Back Program to provide high-quality and nutritious foods to families who cannot afford them.” – Marius Marza, Director of Operations.

With this generous support, the new truck will increase our capacity to accept and store the healthy and perishable products it provides to its 68 school partners throughout Southern California. This will make healthy food more accessible in underserved communities where people with limited financial resources may not be able to access food through traditional grocery stores or food pantries.

Our We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) program partners with local schools and nonprofits to identify families who are experiencing food insecurity and homelessness. We provide food and basic needs resources to bring them to stability and then work to build parental capacity by offering parent education classes, volunteer opportunities, and other sustainability initiatives. 

Giving Children Hope currently serves 1,300 families, representing 3,600 children, on a weekly basis.

To learn more about how to support this program, please visit www.givingchildrenhope.org/donate.


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