2,525 Gifts for Vulnerable Children!

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and generosity. For the parents in Giving Children Hope’s We’ve Got Your Back program, Christmas can be a sobering reminder of the difficulty to provide for their family. Giving Children Hope’s goal in distributing healthy meals each week is to alleviate pressure and allow parents the opportunity to save. Christmas provides one more opportunity to love these families unconditionally.

It takes a village to pull off Christmas for more than 1,000 families in We’ve Got Your Back and  we couldn’t have done it without you. There were 22 corporations that decided to roll up their sleeves for vulnerable children in this community, nine local schools that rallied with their administration or students to collect toys, and six community organizations that partnered with our mission and gave towards the cause. With the help of these partners in hope and hundreds of individuals, to our astonishment, 1,300 vulnerable children and their siblings were sponsored this Christmas by our own community! At Giving Children Hope, Christmas is a time of miracles.

Our organization was a conduit for the Irvine Company to host toy drives at 16 locations and collect more than 1,000 gifts for children living in their own neighborhoods. Giving Children Hope witnessed the faculty at Gilbert Elementary personally sponsor every single child in Gilbert’s We’ve Got Your Back program, totalling 207 gifts. It is Giving Children Hope’s privilege to provide one extra way for dedicated teachers to purposefully and unconditionally love the students they serve each and every day.
Because of you, children all over Orange and LA counties woke up on Christmas morning with their very own, specially-wrapped gifts that were shopped for with them in mind, donated, wrapped, and delivered with love. Thanks to your help, this Christmas Giving Children Hope distributed 2,525 gifts to all the children in our program and their siblings! Thank you for choosing to love the children in our community with us at Giving Children Hope.