20th Shipment to Syrian Refugees

Giving Children Hope is proud to announce that we’ve sent our 20th shipment of relief supplies to Syrian refugees! The latest shipment left with 68,000 pounds of food on its way to Lebanon. It will be feeding families who have fled Syria with just the clothes on their back and have no connections or prospects to begin a new life.

Recipients of Leila's donations Syrians like these, who are refugees at a camp in Jordan.The United Nations categorizes the Syrian refugee crisis as the most catastrophic event since World War II. There is said to be 40 million Middle Eastern refugees under the age of 16 in Iraq, Syria, and other neighboring countries. Our partner, Mother Agnes-Mariam De La Croix, has a heart for these children. She is the Mother Superior of a monastery that seeks to be present to those people who are not covered by the classical relief services. Mother Agnes says, “children, women and the handicapped are the most needy among a distressed population.” In partnership with GCHope, she is working hard to provide food and supplies needed to give to these people who have already lost everything.

Giving Children Hope will continue to serve Syrian refugees as long as there is a need. We want to be a sustained source of hope for these desperate people. As of right now a GCHope affiliate ¬†Jean Bouchebel, is planning a trip to Lebanon to meet with the families our supplies are providing hope for in the coming months. We look forward to reporting to you how GCHope’s provision for these families are being used and changing lives.


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