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Multiply Your Impact!


Thanks to our network of generous product donors like Professional Hospital Supply, Feed the Children, Good360, ConAgra Foods and a plethora of other donors, we were able to multiply your impact in supplying these life-saving resources. In fact, in 2016 Giving Children Hope was able to continue to multiply the impact of every dollar donated into $22 worth of products like food, medical resources and clothing for kids across the street and around the world.

You still have time to join us in giving children hope this year! Would you consider joining us in this amazing mission?

Every dollar that you give will fund the distribution of $22 worth of life-saving resources for these amazing and resilient children. Please consider how you can support Giving Children Hope today!

We are asking for your help to raise $45,000 between now and December 31st. If we can do that, Giving Children Hope will start off 2017 with the ability to send $1 Million more worth of life saving resources to vulnerable kids all over the place: from Lebanon to the Philippines, from Haiti to our own neighborhoods.